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Civilization VII Has Been Leaked Ahead Of Official Announcement

The existence of Sid Meier’s Civilization VII has been leaked online ahead of the game’s official announcement.

The 2K Games website accidentally put up a banner for Sid Meier’s Civilization VII prior to an actual announcement to confirm the game’s existence. The banner was quickly removed, though an eagle-eyed visitor was able to take a screenshot of it before it was taken down. It reveals a first look at the game’s official logo.

Civilization vii leaked

Civilization VII Leaked Banner

The leaked banner for Sid Meier’s Civilization VII on 2K Games’ official website can be seen below.

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No further information is available on Sid Meier’s Civilization VII as of writing, though it appears that fans won’t have to wait long for the official reveal, which is likely to happen at the forthcoming Summer Game Fest event.

The previous entry in Civilization series, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, is a turn-based strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K. It was released for Windows and macOS in October, 2016, with later releases for Linux in February 2017, iOS in December, 2017, Nintendo Switch in November, 2018, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November, 2019, and Android in 2020.

Much like in previous games, the player aims to develop a civilization from its early beginnings over several in-game millennia to become a world power, achieving victory through military domination, technological advancement, or cultural influence over other human and computer-controlled opponents. This involves exploring the world, founding cities, building improvements, deploying military units, researching technologies and civics, developing culture, and engaging in trade and diplomacy with other leaders.

The game introduces several new civilizations and new leaders for returning ones. A key design focus was to avoid having the player follow the predetermined path of improvements seen in earlier games. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI also features districts outside the city center for housing buildings, such as a campus district for science buildings.

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