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Claim These 16 Free Xbox Live Games With Gold Before The Service Ends

Microsoft is pulling the plug on the Xbox Live Games with Gold service, and subscribers have the chance to claim a total of 16 free games before it ends.

The aforementioned games include Aegis Wing, Bluefire, Crackdown, Crackdown 2, Dark Void, Explosion Man, Hexic HD, Ikaruga, Inertial Drift, Metal Slug 3, Port Royale 3, Sensitive World of Soccer, Space Invaders: IG, The Maw, Too Human, and When the past was around.

Xbox games with gold free

16 Free Xbox Live Games With Gold Titles Can Claim

Xbox Live Gold subscribers have until the end of August, 2023, to claim these following free Games With Gold titles:

  1. Aegis Wing
  2. Bluefire
  3. Crackdown
  4. Crackdown 2
  5. Dark Void
  6. Splosion Man
  7. Hexic HD
  8. Ikaruga
  9. Inertial Drift
  10. Metal Slug 3
  11. Port Royale 3
  12. Sensible World of Soccer
  13. Space Invaders: IG
  14. The Maw
  15. Too Human
  16. When the Past was Around

Prominently featured on the list are Crackdown 1 and 2. The first game was developed by Realtime Worlds and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 in 2007. The mind behind this creation was David Jones, the founder of Realtime Worlds, renowned for his work on titles like Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings. The game is set in the fictional Pacific City, where players take on the role of a genetically enhanced Agent. The mission is to take down three powerful crime lords and dismantle their criminal empires. As the Agent successfully defeats the crime lords and their subordinates, as well as completes various optional activities like street races and scavenger hunts, their abilities grow stronger.

Following the success of Crackdown, Crackdown 2 was released in July, 2010 as a direct sequel. Developed by Ruffian Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360, Crackdown 2 retained the thrilling open-world action-adventure genre. Players assume the role of an empowered Agent, working for the city-backed “Agency.” In this installment, players could choose from four distinct faces and armor colors, with additional options for those who pre-ordered the game. The iconic orbs from the first game were present, and the Agent’s abilities were expanded, introducing new features like the enhanced Agility Skill, which allowed for higher jumps, gliding, and access to the Agency Tower’s helicopter landing pad. The game also introduced various vehicles, including Agency vehicles, Peacekeeper Cruisers, and civilian vehicles equipped with armor plates.

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