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Collection of Saga: Final Fantasy Legend Announced For Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has announced Collection of Saga for Nintendo Switch, this time bringing the Final Fantasy Legend series.

In a surprise Nintendo Direct today, there were some brand new third-party game announcements for the Nintendo Switch. One of these was Collection of Saga: Final Fantasy Legend. This collection appears to feature the three Final Fantasy Legend games that were originally released for the Game Boy.

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Here is a description of the game taken from the official press release.

Originally released on Game Boy, the first three titles in the SaGa series – FINAL FANTASY Legend, FINAL FANTASY Legend II and FINAL FANTASY Legend III – are coming to Nintendo Switch in one collection. Navigate through fantasy worlds as you fight monsters, customize your characters, and explore towns, dungeons and more. A high-speed mode and other helpful features have been added while retaining the appeal of the original titles. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the series, a special anniversary song is included. And for players who want a truly retro experience, they can detach the Joy-Con controllers and hold the Nintendo Switch vertically to replicate the original Game Boy. COLLECTION of SaGa FINAL FANTASY LEGEND will launch digitally on Nintendo Switch on 15th December.

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This collection is available to pre-order now fo £14.99 and will launch on December 15. It is only confirmed for the Nintendo Switch.

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