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Control Exclusivity To Epic Games Store Cost €9.49 Million

Control was announced as a timed exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC. Here’s how much it cost to make the game exclusive to Epic’s store.

Control is a brand new IP from Remedy Entertainment that had a multiplatform launch. It was released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in late August. For more information including what we think about it, make sure to read our review.

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It is quite rare to get behind the scenes information on how much it can cost a developer to get Epic Games Store exclusivity. The deal behind Control has been disclosed by the owners of 505 Games, Digital Bros. In a publically shared document for their financial outline, they revealed the amount of money that was paid to make Control an exclusive to Epic Games Store.

As shared by gaming analyst Daniel Ahmed, this deal was worth €9.49 Million. 55% of the money went to 505 Games, which is the publisher for Control. The rest went to Remedy Entertainment who developed the game.

This deal doesn’t apply to every game since it also depends on the popularity and success of the game itself. In the case of Control, it was a relatively new IP that was considered appealing but it is possible that games like Borderlands 3 or the deal with Ubisoft could have cost more than this amount.

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Epic is heavily investing in its own marketplace which is considered a competitor to Valve’s Steam Store. They are courting games to launch as timed exclusives on their store with the likes of Shenmue 3 and Borderlands 3 making the cut. As a result, those who want to get these games on Steam have to wait for a full year after its launch to buy them from Steam.

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