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Cyberpunk 2077 Updates Have Quietly Been Pushed To 2022

CD Projekt Red has delayed any further updates and DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 to 2022 based on an update on their website.

CD Projekt Red had announced that Cyberpunk 2077 would get free DLC beginning in 2021. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 on the development of the game and other projects, they pushed that to late 2021. The first set of free DLCs didn’t appear to add much to the game, and neither did the updates.

In a new update (via) that appears to have been made to the official roadmap of Cyberpunk 2077, we can see that all of the updates and DLCs are now pushed back to 2022 and beyond. This also includes the ray-tracing update for The Witcher 3 and the Cyberpunk 2077 next-generation upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

The last patch that was released for the game was update 1.31. Since then, no other update has been released so far. It doesn’t appear that any further updates are launching later in 2021 based on the updated roadmap.

While the delay of updates is understandable, CD Projekt Red doesn’t appear to release any further DLCs for the game either. They initially implied that they wanted to release free DLCs for the game just like they did for The Witcher 3. In the case of Witcher 3, they continued to release a free DLC every week and in the end, they had given 16 DLCs. While most of these were minor additions or cosmetic changes, they still generated a little buzz now and then.

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