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Days Gone New Game Plus Features and New Unlockables Explained

Days Gone New Game Plus mode is available now. Here are the new features and unlockables that are a part of this gameplay mode in Days Gone.

The new game plus mode has some limitations and restrictions over what can carry over to this gameplay mode. We have explained some of it in our article but here are the complete details on what can be carried over, and what has to be left behind, straight from Sony Bend Studio.

What transfers over from a story completed game save

  • Skills
  • Bike Skins and Parts
    • Unlocks after acquiring the bike from Manny in “Drifters Up On the Mountain”
  • Weapons
  • Encampment Trust and Credits
  • Health/Stamina/Focus upgrades
  • Trophy progress
  • Collectibles
  • NERO Injectors

What does not transfer over to New Game+

  • IPCA Tech
  • Crafted items
  • Materials/crafting items
  • Freaker Ears
  • Animal Meat

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What Are Days Gone New Game Plus Unlockables and Features?

New Weapon – BND-150

You can unlock this weapon when starting  “Drifters Up On the Mountain” mission. It will be available in the “Gun Locker.” Here are the details on this new weapon.

  • 6MM ammo
  • EDT Dart (Stuns the enemy)
  • X34 Dart (Leaves a poisonous gas cloud)
  • Explosive Dart (Goes boom)

Two New Bike Decals

  • Syphon Filter
  • Horizon Zero Dawn GI

New DLC Trophies to collect in New Game Plus mode

Increased Horde Movement on Hard mode and above

Two New Difficulties playable in New Game Plus mode

  • Hard II
  • Survival II

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As a reminder, you will need to download the new Days Gone update 1.50 in order to unlock this New Game Plus mode in the game. It should be available to download starting today.

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