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Days Gone New Game Plus: How To Play It and What It Does

Sony Bend Studio has announced a brand new New Game Plus mode for Days Gone. Here’s what is included in this mode and how you can access it in the game.

Days Gone fans have been demanding for a new game plus mode for a while now. This has been the staple for most of the first-party Sony exclusives that have been released this generation. God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn have both received a new game plus mode with a post-launch update. Days Gone is following this trend as well.

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How To Access Days Gone New Game Plus Mode?

To access the mode, you need to start from any completed save where the storyline “I’m Never Giving Up” has been finished. You don’t need to complete the game 100% to unlock it or fulfill any specific requirements.

New Game Plus mode has no difficulty requirement and you can start it from any of the available difficulty modes. Sony Bend Studio is adding two new difficulty modes along with this new game plus: Hard II and Survival II. These can also be played either on a new save or a completed one.

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What Is Included In New Game Plus Mode?

  • Perk patches from challenges carry over to the new game
  • New trophies in addition to the two new difficulty related trophies
  • New weapon from “an agent that only operates in the shadows”
  • All earned weapons
  • All unlocked bike upgrades
  • All unlocked NERO boosters
  • All unlocked skills
  • All unlocked recipes
  • All encampment trust and credits
  • All unlocked collectibles

You can then use this to your advantage from the beginning and play through the game to get any of the additional trophies. You can also use all of this to your advantage and start from a hard difficuly like Survival or the newly added Hard II and Survival II.

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