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Overwatch Nintendo Switch Resolution Revealed, Ported by Iron Galaxy

Overwatch Legendary Edition was announced for the Nintendo Switch and it is out on October 15, 2019. Here are the technical details for it including resolution.

Overwatch Legendary Edition is the first portable version of the popular online multiplayer game. It was announced at a recent Nintendo Direct. This version of the game will be sold for $39.99 and comes with 5 Legendary Hero Skins, 5 Epic Hero Skins, 5 Origin Hero Skins, and a three months redeemable code for Nintendo Switch Online.

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Nintendo didn’t reveal any official details on the resolution and frame rate for the game but Blizzard Middle East community manager, Nazih Fares has now confirmed the technical specs for this port.

In a set of tweets, the community manager confirmed that the game will run at 30 FPS with a 900p resolution when docked, and 720p when running it in portable mode. “Overwatch runs smoothly at 30fps with outputs of 900p docked and 720p undocked, ” said Fares.

Iron Galaxy was confirmed as the studio that has ported the game. “We worked closely with Iron Galaxy to bring the game to Switch. They’ve been a great partner to work with in the development process.”

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The lack of 60 FPS is disappointing but according to the Fares, they had to pick the best option out of all others when optimizing the games for Nintendo Switch. “To create the best gameplay experience on Switch architecture, we spent a significant amount of time optimizing and adjusting the engine to perform well on Switch as well as take advantage of the platform’s strengths.”

Overwatch Legendary Edition is slated for a release on October 15, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch. The download size is confirmed to be around 12.1 GB.

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