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Days Gone Sequel Reportedly Cancelled by Sony

Sony has canceled the plans of Bend Studio to create a sequel to Days Gone even though the game was profitable for them according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Days Gone received tepid critical reception but was a success in terms of sales. The game continued to chart in the best-selling games in the USA and Canada according to the NPD Group. Despite the success of the game, when a sequel was pitched to Sony, they were reluctant to greenlight it thus canceling the chance of making one due to the production issues and lukewarm critical reception.

After the cancelation of the Days Gone sequel, Sony Bend Studio was divided into two groups to assist Naughty Dog with their projects. One of these is a Multiplayer game, while the other is a brand new Uncharted.

days gone

Last year, Days Gone lead director and writer left Sony Bend Studio. In Bloomberg’s report, it was cited that the lead developers were unhappy with acting as a support studio and thus left Bend to work on their own venture. The game was also recently announced as coming to PC.

Earlier this year, we reported on Bend Studio working on a new project. According to Bloomberg, the studio finally got their wish to develop a new game this year after acting as a support studio for Naughty Dog. There is no information on their new project for now, but we do know that it is an open-world action game that will feature next-generation lighting technology.

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