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Days Gone Update 1.70 Reportedly Adds PS5 Backward Compatibility Support

Sony Bend Studio has updated Days Gone to version 1.70 today ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 5. This update is reportedly for backward compatibility.

Days Gone was released back in 2019 exclusively for the PS4. It was an open-world survival horror game from Sony Bend Studio. The update that has been released today appears to be rather minor in terms of the changes made on PS4, but knowing how Sony is dealing with patches of games for PS5, this could be related to implementing support for the PS5 backward compatibility.

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Sony has confirmed a PlayStation Plus Collection that will offer plenty of backward compatible games for the PS5. These include first-party offerings like Days Gone and third-party ones like Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition.

days gone update 1.70 patch notes

According to Sony, the games that are a part of the PlayStation Plus Collection will get benefits on PS5 including faster load times and improved performance.

Days Gone Update 1.70 Patch Notes

  • Bug Fixes

According to some reports, this is a massive update that is reportedly 24 GB on PS4. We are not sure about this file size since we hadn’t updated the game in a while, but if you have the latest version of the game installed, which was 1.62, then you should have a smaller patch size.

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Days Gone is available now exclusively for the PS4.

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