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Dead Space: How To Unlock The Secret Ending

EA Motive’s Dead Space remake is now available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and if you’ve just finished the game and are wondering how to unlock the new secret ending, read ahead.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably just beaten the game, and are now looking to do another run on New Game Plus. It’s worth mentioning that starting a fresh playthrough on New Game Plus mode will carry over weapons, items, credits, and upgrades from your completed playthrough. They can be retrieved from the storage of any in-game store you encounter.

Dead space unlock secret ending

How To Unlock Dead Space Remake Secret Ending

The way to unlock the secret ending in the Dead Space remake is fairly simple, and requires you to collect 12 new marker fragments. The locations of all marker fragments are mentioned below.

Marker Fragment 1: The first marker fragment is located in the Maintenance Bay office. You’ll find it on a second shelf of a book shelf.

Marker Fragment 2: The second marker fragment is found in Dr. T. Kyne’s office. You’ll find it on a desk in the side room.

Marker Fragment 3: The third marker fragment located in the Mercer’s office. You’ll find it on the desk at the other end of the room.

Marker Fragment 4: The fourth marker fragment is found at the Cryogenics. You’ll need to stand outside the small room with multiple doors, and aim towards the roof, which is where it’s located.

Marker Fragment 5: The fifth marker fragment is located in the East Grow Chamber. Walk up to the mid point of the ramp upon entering the area, and then turn to your right. Aim above and spot a glowing object hidden away on one of the platforms.

Marker Fragment 6: The sixth marker fragment is found in the Engine Room in the top right area in the far left corner.

Marker Fragment 7: The seventh marker fragment is located in the Mineral Processing Area in a small room on one of the shelves.

Marker Fragment 8: The eighth marker fragment is found at the Communications Array. In the hexagonal area, hover over to the top right area to locate it.

Marker Fragment 9: The ninth marker fragment is located in the Break Room at a ventilation shaft beneath the display.

Marker Fragment 10: The tenth marker fragment is found in the Cargo Bay on the rack in the bottom right section of the map.

Marker Fragment 11: The eleventh marker fragment is located in the Chief Stewardess’ office on a table next to a bottle.

Marker Fragment 12: The twelfth and last marker fragment is located at the Deluxe Shift Bunks on the table at the far end.

Once you have acquired all twelve marker fragments, take them to Captain B. Mathius’ quarters in the crew deck section and deposit them on the table inside. Once all fragments are in place, complete the game as you normally would. Upon finishing, instead of the regular ending, you’ll now get the secret ending to the Dead Space remake.

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