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Dead Space Remake Comparison Shared, New Dismemberment System Confirmed

Dead Space Remake has received an official comparison and some early glimpse at the in-game footage in a live stream today by EA Motive.

EA Motive is working on a remake for Dead Space. This will be a re-imagining for the series that will go back to the roots and explore what made the original so great.

Today during the live stream on Twitch, the developers have shared a small snippet of footage as well as a comparison between the remake and the original release. This is meant to give the fans an idea of the scale of the remake, and it appears to look great running on the latest Unreal Engine.

During the stream, the developers revealed that they intended to present the remake to the fans to give them a sense of what they were attempting to achieve with it. They’d want to get feedback on their project.

The devs discuss the new body dismemberment mechanism and demonstrate how it works now. It is considerably more sophisticated than the original. The new method now operates individually on flesh and bones and also acts as an enemy health indicator.

Weapons are also subject to a new damage mechanism. Some will be better at tearing enemies’ flesh, while others will assist in dismembering their bodily parts. The improved method now allows for the targeting of multiple areas of the enemy’s body, with varying results.

The Zero Gravity room has been updated, and it now operates better owing to the thrusters originally seen in Dead Space 2. You may also move in 360 degrees, which reduces the inconvenience of making a mistake.

The plot will stay unchanged, but Motive wishes to improve the narrative by elaborating on the rich world-building and lore. They also aim to address the pace difficulties that plagued the original game. They announced that there would be no microtransactions and that Gunner Wright will reprise his role as Isaac.

Dead Space Remake is confirmed for the PS5, Xbox Xbox Series, and PC.

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