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Death Stranding Guide: How To Fast Travel In Death Stranding

Death Stranding has a huge open world and it might not be easy to travel between different locations. Here’s how you can unlock fast travel.

There are many interesting things to do in Death Stranding like building safe houses, going through zip lines and more. You can also unlock fast travel to instantly move from one facility to another.

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When you will reach Lake Knot City in Episode 3 of the game. Go inside your personal room there and you will meet a girl, Fragile, who distributes parcels. She will give you an umbrella to use for fast travel. You will have that umbrella hanging in all of your personal quarters everywhere in the game. To fast travel, you have to use the umbrella.

death stranding fast travel


Fast travel can be only availed through a personal room, safe houses, and facilities provided to you in the game. You can’t fast travel to anywhere you want in the game. Fast travel is only used to travel from one personal room, facility, safehouse to another. You can also teleport to different maps through fast travel like east, west, or central map.

You can also build your own safehouse in the areas where you have no personal room or safe house, but it will be much expensive for you to build a safe house in the game. In the online mode of the game, you will see the other players building their safe houses in different areas.

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You can also travel fast by building zip lines. It is much easier than going to your personal room or safe houses. You can build a zip line up to 300 meters long. You can build multiple zip lines in a row in order to travel fast through one place to another by using ziplines. The caveat is that building zip line and safehouses will be only unlocked later in the game.

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