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Death Stranding: How To Get All Death Stranding Trophies Guide

Death Stranding is out on November 8. Ahead of the launch of the game, here is the full trophy list available to get in the game and how to acquire them.

There are a total of 40 regular and 23 hidden trophies in the game. You can safely read them since they don’t seem to spoil much about the story or other gameplay details. There are additional hidden trophies as well that contain major spoilers but this article doesn’t contain details about them. We will reveal the hidden trophies once the game is closer to its launch.

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The hidden trophies reveal details about some of the story events. This also includes names for the episodes including the Epilogue.

How To Get All Death Stranding Trophies Guide

  • Homo Faber – Fabricate all available weapons and equipment
  • Building Bridges – Reach Bridge Link Level 1
  • Soothing Sounds – Use the music player for the first time
  • All Roads Lead to the UCA – Complete your first road
  • I Couldn’t Hold It In – Pee outside for the first time
  • Trail-Blazer – Upgrade all types of structure to the maximum level
  • Public Service Porter – Dispose of chiralium-contaminated cargo in the crater lake for the first time
  • A Shout in the Dark – Send a shout out and have it returned for the first time
  • Any Porter in a Storm – Trade with another porter for the first time
  • Rest in Pieces – In a BT area, cut an umbilical cord for the first time without the BT noticing
  • Well-Traveled – Travel 80 km and complete an order
  • Pumped Porter – Deliver 3,000 kg of cargo
  • Hooked on Delivering!? – Deliver 700 items of cargo
  • Boots Are a Porter’s Best Friend – Change footwear for the first time
  • Snooze ‘n’ Soothe – Heal by sleeping for the first time
  • Catcher Crusher – Defeat a Catcher
  • Prominent Porter – Reach Grade 10 in any delivery evaluation category
  • A Baby Blessing – Get a like from BB
  • Childminder – Reach maximum connection level with BB
  • The Past Guides The Present – Read 100 interviews
  • The Post Guides The Present – Read 100 mails
  • The Custom Kid – Acquire your first piece of custom data
  • Chiral Crafter – Recycle chiral crystals for the first time
  • Giver of Gifts – Make your first donation of weapons, equipment, etc
  • Good Samaritan – Deliver your first piece of lost cargo
  • Like and Be Liked – Give your first like
  • Best Beloved – Reach the maximum connection level with all facilities
  • Well Connected – Reach connection level three with a facility
  • A New Day for the UCA – Connect your first new affiliate to the UCA
  • Master Builder – Build at least one of every type of structure (including signs, ladders, and climbing anchors)
  • Apprentice Builder – Build your first structure (sign, ladders, and climbing anchors)
  • The Automation Revolution – Complete a standard order with a delivery bot
  • A Helping Hand – Issue your first supply request
  • Growth of a Legend – Complete 20 premium deliveries with an evaluation of “Legend”
  • Birth of a Legend – Complete 10 premium deliveries with an evaluation of “Legend”
  • Deliveries Done – Complete 36 standard orders
  • Everyday Deliver – Complete a standard order
  • Rebuilding America – Complete Episode 1: Bridget
  • Delivering Is What I Do – Complete the prologue: Porter
  • Greatest of Great Deliveries – Obtained all of Death Stranding trophies

Death Stranding also has multiple updates out now that implement various changes and improvements ahead of its launch. It has a file size north of 50 GB.

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Death Stranding will be out on November 8 for PS4. It is also confirmed to launch for PC in Summer 2020.

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