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Death Stranding Guide: How To Get Vehicles In Death Stranding

Death stranding has many interesting features. To move around easily in Death stranding you can use vehicles. Through this guide, you can know how to get vehicles and how you can make them.

In Death Stranding episode 3, you have to complete the essential story mission called Retrieval: System Server. After completing the mission a three-wheeled bike will be unlocked for you. You can also unlock different types of trucks by completing different missions and by upgrading your facilities.

You can also craft vehicles but it requires different materials to craft a truck. Trucks make it easier for you to take your cargo easily with you from one place to another. Trucks can lift heavy weights so you can easily load any cargo in the back of the truck.

death stranding vehicles

Bikes are helpful in a rocky area where you can easily move around rocky terrains through bikes, but a side effect is that you can’t carry extra cargo with your bike.

There are different trucks around the facilities but they cannot be used because they don’t have any power in them. You will have to use a power generator to use those trucks. You can repair your vehicle when it is damaged by taking it to the garage. you have a garage on the upper floor of your personal room in any facility. You can also snatch vehicles from the other online players if you are in desperate need of one.

The game is available now for PS4 and it is also expected to launch in Summer 2020 for PC. It is one of the largest games worked on by Hideo Kojima with the support of Guerrilla Games. The file size and day one patch for the game were also revealed ahead of its launch. It sadly lacks a new game plus mode right now.

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