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Death Stranding Guide: How To Change Costumes and Suit Colors

In Death Stranding, players can modify Sam’s suit color in a variety of ways. Here’s how you can change the suit colors for Sam or unlock new costumes.

Different colors of Sam’s suits can be unlocked by completing the main story. When you will complete all the episodes and beat the game, you can get all the different Sam’s suits colors. There is a total of 15 different colors available for Sam’s suit which you can unlock in the game after beating it.

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To change the suit’s color, you can go to your personal room and then look at your suit. Press X to change sam’s suit color and pick from any of the 15 different variations. You can also change the color of different accessories like Sam’s glasses or mask.

death stranding costumes suit colors

As for the costumes, there is a variety of them available in the game like the Otter costume. These come with their own special uses that also gives Sam some perks or abilities that come handy in the game. As a delivery man, Sam will need every help that he can get in the game and the outfits can play a role in it.

For more details on Death Stranding, take some time to read our guides on getting vehicles, unlocking fast travel, and getting all the trophies.

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Death Stranding is available now for the PS4. It will launch in Summer 2020 for PC. The game has been in development since 2015 and has ended up being one of the biggest games developed by Hideo Kojima. The file size and day one patch for the game were revealed ahead of its launch and it sadly doesn’t offer a new game plus mode for those who wanted to replay it.

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