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Deathloop PC Issues Include Stuttering, New Update Resolves Achievement Glitch

Deathloop might be a critically acclaimed game on the PS5 but it is a different story on PC, where it is suffering from issues like Stuttering.

Stuttering appears to be one of the major issues with the game on PC. This has led to the game getting a mixed reception in reviews. Another reason why the reviews are mixed is because of the inclusion of the Denuvo DRM, which is hated among the PC community.

The good news is that Arkane Lyon has released an update to the game on PC. The bad news is that this update doesn’t resolve any of the issues with the game that should have taken priority like stuttering. It does solve the issue with achievements.

In a statement shared to Steam, Arkane has confirmed that they have released a small update for the PC version of Deathloop.

We have released an update for DEATHLOOP PC players on Steam that resolves an issue where certain achievements were not unlocking for players.

This update also includes more descriptive error messaging for some users experiencing crash issues upon launching the game caused by CPUs that do not meet the minimum requirements, or where extensions necessary to run DEATHLOOP have been disabled by the user or by third party software.

We also continue to investigate reports involving “stuttering” on PC. We are exploring causes and potential fixes and will update you with more information when it becomes available. We appreciate your patience.

It also turns out that they are testing out a hotfix for the PC version, so if you want to help them release it, you can contact Bethesda Support to download it on your PC and hopefully get this issue resolved for everyone.

Deathloop, unfortunately, has its fair share of issues on the PS5 as well, but it is still not that bad as on PC. You can still power through some of the limitations on PC by using a beefy rig though, so there’s that.

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