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Decade Old Horror IP Will Reportedly Get The Remake Treatment In 2023

A horror IP that hasn’t had a new release in over 10 years is reportedly set to receive the remake treatment sometime in the year 2023.

According to prominent leaker Dusk Golem, an unannounced remake of a horror IP that hasn’t had a new release in over a decade is coming to store shelves in the year 2023. He claimed that some “someone” was kind enough to fill him in on this information, and that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since. The informant is likely to be someone closely involved with the project.

Golem believes this unannounced remake isn’t likely to get much enthusiasm from the mainstream gaming media outside of the surprise that it’s being remade. That said, he thinks some horror fans will be really happy to hear that it is getting the remake treatment. Golem refrained from revealing the IP’s name, saying that it’s not his news to share outside of teasing it.

He believes the official announcement isn’t far off, as the remake is planned for release sometime in the year 2023. He reminded fans of horror games that it’s a good time for them, with so many franchises returning, with the Resident Evil 2 remake really getting the gears turning.

Another horror game remake that is eagerly anticipated by fans is Silent Hill 2. The art director for the original game, Masahiro Ito, previously expressed his confidence in developer Bloober Team to deliver a worthy remake. Ito discussed fan concerns regarding James’ facial expressions in the Silent Hill 2 remake teaser. While he said that he acknowledged and shared these concerns, he feels confident that the visuals the team at Bloober Team creates will go well with the atmosphere of the town. The volumetric fog, in particular, stood out to him as matching the aesthetic of the original game.

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