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How To Access The Colosseum In Elden Ring

Elden Ring just received its long awaited Colosseum update, and we’re here to tell you how to access each of the Colosseum locations.

The North Coast of Limgrave, the North Peninsula of Caelid, and the Southern Cliffs of Leyndell are where you can find each of the Elden Ring Colosseums. The Colosseums, which were initially inaccessible, have now been revealed as the setting for the new Elden Ring PvP mode. You can now enter these dedicated arenas and team up with other players and/or fight against them.

Elden ring colosseum

How To Find All Elden Ring Colosseum Arenas

There are a total of 3 Colosseum arenas for players to find in Elden Ring. The first one is located in North Limgrave, the second in North Caelid, and the third in Southern side of Leyndell, Royal Capital. The way to locate each of them as well as the PvP multiplayer modes they offer can be seen below.

  1. Limgrave Colosseum: this Colosseum is located on the northern coast of Limgrave. In order to get there, you’ll need to head over to the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace. Go north from there, and you’ll come across a bridge that leads to the first of the Elden Ring Divine Tower locations. Head past the bridge and you’ll eventually see the Colosseum. There are 2 PvP modes available here. The first is United Combat, where two teams battle it out to get the highest number of kills within the allotted time period. The second mode is Combat Ordeal, which has players engage in timed, open-ended battles, and are able to respawn.
  2. Leyndell Royal Colosseum: Accessing this Colosseum depends on where you are in the main quest. If you’re still early in your playthrough, use the tree roots and stairs to climb up to the cliff, then descend to street level and return to the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace. On the other hand, if you’ve defeated Maliketh and Crumbling Farum Azula in the main quest, the way to the Colosseum is a lot simpler. All you have to do is to use the altered terrain to ascend the slope, and you’ll find the Colosseum. Here, the only PvP mode available is Duel, which pits two players against one another in a one on one fight, and neither is able to respawn.
  3. Caelid Colosseum: this Colosseum can be reached after taking the Deep Siofra Well to the surface. After passing the enormous archer golems, you’ll need to continue north along the canyon. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the coast, with the Great-Jar NPC located before the Colosseum. All of the PvP modes available in the other two Colosseum arenas can be played here. The one exception is that, unlike in the other two Colosseum arenas, you’re free to use Ashes here in order to summon spirits to aid you in battle.
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