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Destiny 2 Concurrent Player Count Hits All-Time Low On PC

Destiny 2 is going through a rough patch including the developer Bungie themselves. The latest player count numbers paint a grim picture.

Bungie has been acquired by Sony recently and while it has helped them in terms of financial stability, their only live-service game, Destiny 2, is not doing that well. According to a report, the game had a peak concurrent player count of just over 38K on Steam, which is the lowest count since the game launched as a free-to-play release back in 2019.

The last major expansion for the game was Lightfall and it helped the game set an all-time concurrent player record at launch, but the numbers have been dwindling since the release of the last expansion, and the frequent issues with the game are not helping its cause.

The upcoming major expansion for Destiny 2 is titled The Final Shape. It is still set to launch in early 2024 but there hasn’t been any major progress made regarding its development update. It remains to be seen what Bungie has in store to tackle the dwindling player population for Destiny 2.

Bungie is also working on multiple projects at this moment including Marathon, which is a brand new shooter from the studio.

Destiny 2 is available for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. The game was initially released in 2017 making it almost six years. In between this time, it went free-to-play and received multiple expansions and updates for the current-generation consoles and PC. Bungie is currently under Sony who recently cut down their plans to make live-service games from 12 down to 6.

Ali Haider

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