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Destroy All Humans! Now Runs at Locked 60 FPS at 1080p Resolution On PS5

Destroy All Humans! has been patched to add 60 FPS support for the PS4 Pro and PS5. The game now runs at a locked 60 FPS frame rate on PS5.

Destroy All Humans! update 1.08 had added support for 60 FPS on the PS4 Pro and PS5 by implementing a frame limit option. This new allows the game to run at 1080p at 60 FPS on the PS5 while it average between 40 to 60 FPS on the PS4 Pro.

While the frame rate now runs at 60 FPS, the resolution of the game hasn’t been modified so it is still 1080p, irrespective of the platform. So if you are running the game on a PS5, you will still render it at 1080p but the benefit is that the frame rate is now locked to 60 FPS and there are hardly any drops if at all.

Our friends at VGTech have made a comparison of the game running on the PS4 Pro and PS5. This also shows a frame rate comparison that confirms that the performance is a lot better on the PS5 than a PS4 Pro.

While the game already supported 60 FPS on the Xbox One X, it wasn’t solid 60 FPS, and the frame rate used to average around 50 to 60 FPS. The new patch has improved the already existing support for the game on the Xbox consoles with new visual enhancements so the game should run at a higher resolution on Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles.

If you are interested in the game, check out our review covering it, and if you want to buy it then it is available on sale at Amazon for $14.99.

Salal Awan

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