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Deviation Games PlayStation Exclusive Title Will Feature Solo & Co-op Modes

The PlayStation exclusive title in development at Deviation Games is set to feature both solo and co-op gameplay modes.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Design Director at Deviation Games, Derek Sunshine, the multiplayer focused PlayStation exclusive title in development at the studio will feature both solo and co-op gameplay modes.

Deviation solo co-op

Sunshine is directly involved with the implementation of the solo/co-op, suggesting that the game likely features drop-in/drop-out multiplayer. That’s not to say, however, that the game won’t have a competitive multiplayer mode. There isn’t a whole lot of information available on the project besides the fact that former Call of Duty Black Ops veteran developers are involved in its creation. The Design Director had previously been working as Creative Director for Amazon Games, where he helped establish games and IP for first and second party games.

The development status of Deviation Games’ unnamed title is currently unknown. It was recently revealed that the other multiplayer-focused PlayStation exclusive title, in development at Haven Studios, will soon be moving from pre-production to production phase.

Canada’s premier current affairs magazine, Maclean’s, ranked the top 100 citizens that are shaping the country in 2023, among whom is none other than game creator Jade Raymond. The feature revealed that her team at Haven Studios is hard at work on its multiplayer game for PlayStation, and that it will soon be moving from pre-production to proper production.

In July 2022, PlayStation closed its agreement to acquire the Jade Raymond led Haven Studios. The leadership at the studio is a group of industry veterans that has worked together on some of the biggest and most well-known games and franchises that many of continue to enjoy today. The CEO and founder Jade Raymond brings an equally impressive wealth of experience from her industry accomplishments and her great passion for creating games. PlayStation started working with Haven early in 2021, when Jade and her group were about to announce the formation of the studio.

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