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Diablo IV Release Date Leaked, File Size Confirmed For Xbox

Diablo IV release date has leaked online ahead of The Game Awards 2022 and the file size has also been confirmed through the Microsoft Store.

Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia has been known to share leaks from the Microsoft Store or official website. They have been quite accurate in the past. They have shared the release date as well as the file size of Diablo IV, which is usually available on the Microsoft Store.

The game will be available to play on June 5, 2023, The release date could be between June 5 to June 6 due to the timezone difference but that should be the unofficial confirmation for now. Since Blizzard will reveal more details for the game at The Game Awards, it is expected that the release date announcement is planned for that time along with pre-orders going live with it.

The file size of Diablo IV was also confirmed with the game hovering around 80 GB. This file size is quite large for a game like Diablo IV, but given the amount of content that is usually offered in the game, it seems appropriate. It is also possible that the game might have high-quality pre-rendered cutscenes thus leading to a higher file size. It could also be due to the support of multiple languages.

Diablo IV has been leaked a few times in the past including gameplay from an early Alpha as well screenshots that showcased the world map. The game is also confirmed to launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series. It is the first Diablo game to launch on the same day and date on consoles as it does on PC. While Diablo III was released on all major consoles, it didn’t happen at launch. The game was originally released as a PC exclusive. It was followed by a launch on last-generation consoles and it was later ported to the Nintendo Switch.

The last major Diablo release on consoles was Diablo II Remake. It was released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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