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Disney’s Aladdin Special Look Trailer Finally Shows Will Smith’s Genie In Blue

When Disney first revealed Aladdin, there was no footage of Genie. There were some pictures revealed later that gave us the human form of Genie but that has changed today when a special look trailer gives a better glimpse at Will Smith in his CGI-laden blue look that bears a passing resembling with the original Genie.

Disney’s Aladdin will star Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Jasmine, Marwan Kenzari as Jaffar and finally Will Smith as the Genie. The first teaser trailer didn’t really reveal much aside from cave of wonders but the second one has given a proper look at the movie.

You can spot a lot of the cast in the trailer. Jaffar is seen for the first time and he seems to carry his snake staff. Iago is also briefly seen along with Abu and magic carpet. All of the elements of the original animated film are present in this new live-action feature including a CGI tiger that resembles Rajah. In the animated movie, he acts as the pet tiger for Jasmine.

Aladdin will be one of the many live-action movies that Disney is releasing this year. They are also working on Dumbo and The Lion King, both of which will be live-action movies.

Disney had great success with their movies so far with Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book all making box office record and grossing more than one billion. Not all of their live-action efforts have turned out to be a success though, but Aladdin looks like it might be able to achieve success based on how crazy it looks right now.

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