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Apex Legends Data Center: How To Check Apex Legends Ping and Change Data Centers

In Apex Legends, you can check your ping and even change the data center so that you can get the minimal amount of lag in the case when the servers connect to you a different data center. Here’s how you can do it all manually in the game.

Apex Legends is from the makers of Titanfall. If you have played their previous games, they also offered the choice of a data center in their games and while most of the data centers are automatically connected based on the best ping between your location and the data server, you can also try to manually change them in the game.

This method has only been tested on the PC so please don’t use this for PS4 or Xbox One. Regardless, here’s how Apex Legends ping system and data center location can be found inside the game itself.

How To Find Apex Legends Ping and Change Data Center

  • Start the game normally on PC
  • Wait for the main menu screen to pop up with the instructions requiring you to press a button
  • The estimated waiting time here is 60 seconds on the start screen
  • Click the exit button to get out of the main menu but cancel the choice
  • Once you go through these steps, you can find data center option at the bottom of the screen
  • Scroll through the list of all servers to find one with the best ping and then pick it
  • You can also use the data center list to determine which one gives you the best ping overall

Like I have said before, I am not sure if this method will also work on PS4 and Xbox One. It does seem to work flawlessly on consoles and the Titanfall games used to give ping and data center options so it is possible this can be mirrored for the consoles as well.

For more on Apex Legends, you can read our article on checking out Apex Legends server status, a general outline of how it relates to Titanfall and the various legends that you can play in the game. Lastly, there was a rumor that Apex Legends was considered after Titanfall 3 was canceled so if you are hoping for a new game in the series, our advice is to lower your expectations for now.

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