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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Introduction Video Features Narration by Ian McShane

Capcom has recently released a new video for Dragon’s Dogma 2, an upcoming action RPG that is set to release on March 22, 2024. The video provides an overview of the game’s world and its various aspects and is narrated by the legendary actor Ian McShane.

The video does an excellent job of introducing the story, the world, and the gameplay of Dragon’s Dogma 2. It also showcases the various races and nations that populate the game’s world. The game is the sequel to the original Dragon’s Dogma, which was released more than a decade ago. Although the first game had a slow start in terms of sales, its popularity continued to grow over time.

You can have a look at the complete video below.

The sequel attempts to keep the same premise as the original but with a new twist to the story. Players play the role of an Arisen, a hero who is destined to save the world by slaying the Dragon. They can enter the Rift, a world where they can summon pawns from other realities and other players who have played the role of Arisen in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, pawns serve as offline co-op partners, just as they did in the first game. They can assist players as they journey through the dangerous world. As the Arisen, players must find their missing heart and reclaim it from the Dragon while attempting to defeat it. It’s no surprise that Dragon’s Dogma 2 made the list of most anticipated games for 2024, as fans have been eagerly awaiting this sequel for a long time.

The game will launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X. It is currently available for preload and can be pre-ordered on digital storefronts such as Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox Live Store.

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