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EA Reportedly Working On Second Single Player Marvel Game Besides Black Panther

Besides Black Panther EA is reportedly working on a second single player game based on an unknown Marvel IP, according to the latest rumor.

During the latest episode of Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb revealed that a second single player game based on a Marvel IP, besides Black Panther, is in development at EA.

Ea marvel black panther

While Jeff didn’t offer details regarding the Marvel IP this new unannounced project will based on, Tom Henderson has heard rumors that it may be a brand new Iron Man game. Though, he cautioned that he didn’t have anything concrete to report on the rumor. He asked his followers to put this “heavily under the ‘rumor’ category” for now, and that he’ll report on it properly if he get more information regarding the project.

Diehard Marvel fans will recall the last game based on Iron Man is the PSVR exclusive Marvel’s Iron Man VR. The VR shooter was developed by Camouflaj and Darkwind Media and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It draws inspiration from numerous media adaptations of Iron Man, as well as the long-running comic book lore. The game’s plot focuses on Iron Man’s struggle against the mysterious computer hacker and terrorist known as Ghost, who attacks Tony Stark and his business in retaliation for the deaths caused by the weapons it produced prior to Stark becoming Iron Man.

The game is played from a first-person perspective, encouraging players to navigate its virtual space by using the flying mechanics and weapon systems of the Iron Man armor to engage foes in aerial combat across various locales. By progressing through the main story or completing challenge modes outside of the main story, players can free roam a variety of areas as Iron Man. These areas are accessed through a linear progression of different levels, interacting with characters, completing missions, and unlocking new armor upgrades.

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