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Elden Ring Gameplay Overview Provides First Look At World Map

From Software has released the first gameplay preview for Elden Ring today giving the fans their glimpse at the world map and more.

Elden Ring is From Software’s most ambitious game. It takes the formula that they have mastered with the Souls series and applies it to an open-world game.

In the gameplay preview, we get to take a look at the world map for the first time. Other gameplay features that were confirmed include summons, mounts to ride and explore around the world, and much more.

  • Players can encounter random boss fights when exploring the world map
  • The state of rest works just like a bonfire but this time it is called Sites of Grace
  • Your mount can scale vertically through jump pads
  • You are able to fight enemies from the back of the mount
  • The map can be customized by placing markers on them
  • You can place beacons on the world map that will also appear the world
  • You can also do item crafting to improve your inventory
  • The game supports online multiplayer including PvP, co-op, and invasion
  • Dungeons are returning and will be much more immersive with treasures and bosses

Here’s a look at the world map that was shown in the gameplay overview.

Here are some other details shared in a press release by Bandai Namco.

  • Vast world design – the meticulously designed ”Lands Between” brings unprecedented immersion to FromSoftware’s largest game to date. Secrets hide around every corner of this immense world encouraging exploration for those who dare venture off the beaten path.
  • Legacy Dungeons – Large multi-level dungeons evoking classic FromSoftware level design are integrated into the overworld.
  • Traversal – Ride like the wind across The Lands Between on your Spectral Steed, and even engage in combat while on horseback.
  • Combat – Players can engage with a variety of basic or advanced combat options across a number of weapon types and magical disciplines.
  • Multiplayer – Team up with friends and help other Tarnished take down powerful foes with co-op multiplayer.

You can read more information on the various pre-order editions including the Collector’s Edition of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring’s release date is set for February 25, 2022. The game will release for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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