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Where To Find Jar-Bairn In Elden Ring and How to Complete His Questline

The new update for Elden Ring has added a new NPC named Jar-Bairn to the game. Where do you find this NPC and how to complete its questline?

Jar-Bairn is a new NPC that has been added to the game with the latest patch. This opens up the potential for a new questline that the players can attempt as well. Here’s a guide on how to progress in this questline and complete it.

How To Find and Complete Jar-Bairn Questline

Here are the steps needed to complete this questline. Image and some of the information are taken from Elden Ring subreddit.

  • To find Jar-Bairn, you will need to head to Jarbug.
  • Talk to Jar-Bairn and exhaust all dialogue options until he asks for a new Potentate.
  • Reload the area and go back to talk to Jar-Bairn. You will need to pick flowers, so do so and reload again.
  • If you haven’t attempted Diallos’ and Tanith’s quest, you need to go and do it first. Once Diallos leaves Volcano Manor and his brother is assassinated, then you can reload the area.
  • Go to Jarbug and talk to Diallos and Jar-Bairn.
  • Reload the area multiple times.
  • Once you find Jar-Bairn moved to the center of the road, talk to Diallos and Jar-Bairn again.
  • Reload the area and talk to Diallos near Jar-Bairn again.
  • Take another reload and this time, and talk to Jar-Bairn at his house. You can also grab Diallos’ gear from the road.
  • To progress ahead, you will be required to complete Alexander’s questline and get access to Alexander’s Innards.
  • Once you have Alexander’s Innards, reload the area and then talk to Jar-Bairn. He leaves behind Companion Jar talisman.

That’s how you can complete the newly added Jar-Bairn questline in Elden Ring after update 1.03. Additionally, if you had faced issues with any of the previous NPC questlines, they might be fixed with the new patch.

Elden Ring is available now for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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