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Elden Ring Update 1.12 Dropping Today Ahead of Shadow of the Erdtree

From Software has announced that Elden Ring will receive Update 1.12 today, as the developers perform server maintenance in preparation for the launch of the new expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree. The announcement was made via a message shared on Twitter, detailing the maintenance schedule and purpose.

This update is linked to the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, which will launch on June 21. If you want to know more about the expansion, you can read our review for insights into what players can expect. Although the update is officially named Elden Ring patch 1.12, players on PS4 will receive a different update because the PS4 version has more patches. PS4 players will get version 1.17, but the in-game display will show it as 1.12. Similarly, Elden Ring will get update 1.013 on PS5. It has a download size of roughly 15 GB.

Elden Ring Update 1.12 Patch Notes

New Feature:

  • Added support for the SHADOW OF THE ERDTREE DLC.
  • Five new hairstyles added, accessible during character creation, using the Clouded Mirror Stand, or through Rennala’s Rebirth feature.
  • Added “Map Functions Menu” to the Map Menu.
  • New Summoning Pool features:
    • Active Summoning Pools now carry over to NG+.
    • Individual Summoning Pools can be enabled/disabled in the Map Functions Menu.
    • If “Include Distant Areas” is selected with the Small Golden Effigy, summoning pools within Mohgwyn Palace will not be selected.
    • If within Mohgwyn Palace and “Nearby Only” is selected with the Small Golden Effigy, summoning within the area is possible.
  • New Inventory features:
    • Newly obtained items marked with a “!”.
    • New “Recent Items” tab to review recently obtained items.
    • Display settings can be changed from the Display tab in the system menu.
    • Added feature to summon spectral steed during the Elden Beast boss battle.
    • Added feature to the colosseum: crafted consumable items used during battle will be replenished at session end.
    • Added support for Arabic language.

Steam-only New Features:

  • New Keyboard/mouse settings:
    • Added “lock-on change threshold” setting for mouse controls.
    • Added setting to change cursor movement behavior in the map menu.
    • Added key assignments to open the map in the Key Settings menu.

PvP-exclusive Balance Adjustments:

  • Weapon adjustments:
    • After madness/sleep status effects, buildup halts for a short period.
    • Increased poise damage for certain heavy weapon attacks.
    • Adjusted poise damage for some dual wield attacks.
    • Increased poise damage from dual wielded attacks of axes, hammers, halberds, and reapers.
    • Decreased damage and poise damage for various light weapon attacks.
    • Decreased poise value for certain heavy weapon attack motions.
    • Decreased damage for Heavy Thrusting Swords.
    • Decreased dual wield attack damage for spears and great spears.
    • Decreased damage animation motion for certain weapons when stunning another player.
    • Decreased effects of “Baldachin’s Blessing” and “Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing” in PvP.
  • Skill adjustments:
    • Reduced damage for several skills including Spinning Slash, Flaming Strike, and Rain of Arrows.
    • Decreased poise damage for skills like Lightning Storm and Spearcall Ritual.
    • Adjustments to damage animation motion for skills like Spinning Weapon and Transient Moonlight.
  • Incantation adjustments:
    • Decreased physical block rate for Black Flame’s Protection.
    • Reduced poise damage for Bestial Sling.

General Balance Adjustments:

  • Adjustments affect both PvE and PvP:
    • Adjusted turning speed for dual wielded Heavy Thrusting Swords.
    • Increased Dexterity scaling for Ashes of War.
    • Increased stamina consumption when guarding against heavy weapon attacks.
    • Increased attack speed and damage for certain weapon types.
    • Increased poise damage for torches.
    • Enhanced effect duration for Mohg’s Great Rune.
    • Reduced heal amount reduction from Flask of Crimson Tears with Malenia’s Great Rune.
    • Increased attack power for crafted arrows and bolts.
    • Decreased turning speed and poise generation for certain heavy weapons.
    • Decreased effect duration of Terra Magica and Cerulean Hidden Tear.

Armament Adjustments:

  • Increased damage for various weapons like Troll Knight’s Sword and Zamor Curved Sword.
  • Enhanced attribute scaling for multiple staffs and seals.
  • Adjustments to specific skills for balance.

Bug Fixes:

  • Added FP consumption display for Skills in “Ashes of War”.
  • Reduced time for some gestures to become cancelable by rolling.
  • Adjusted menu input speed to prevent accidental skips.
  • Fixed various bugs affecting damage, poise, and skill performance.
  • Improved multiplayer stability and fixed rendering issues.

Steam-only Adjustments:

  • Changed initial layout of “Key Settings”.
  • Fixed mouse cursor blinking issue in the title menu.
  • Fixed right-click submenu display bug during the tutorial.

The complete patch notes can be found on the official website.

In other news, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has become one of the best-reviewed games of the year and is now considered one of the highest-rated expansions of all time. It has surpassed the previous record held by “Blood and Wine” for The Witcher 3. This news should certainly delight all Elden Ring fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the new expansion.

Elden Ring is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. The game was developed by From Software and published by Bandai Namco.

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