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Stellar Blade Recent Update Has Resulted In Graphics & Balanced Mode Visuals Looking Blurry

The recent update for Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up’s action adventure game, Stellar Blade, has resulted in its Graphics and Balanced Mode visuals looking blurry.

Stellar Blade players are complaining over social media about the game’s visuals looking blurry in both its Graphics mode and Balanced mode after the recent update, particularly when browsing the menu to change protagonist Eve’s costumes. One player took to Twitter/X to report the issue to the development team. Shift Up responded by thanking them for their report and confirming that it is aware of the issue. The developer further mentioned that it is working with Sony Interactive Entertainment to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Stellar blade graphics balanced mode

For those who don’t notice blurry visuals in Balanced Mode after the recent Stellar Blade update, one Twitter/X user outlined a way to notice it in a more obvious manner. In order to reproduce their method, go into the options menu, then select the costume, and look for blurring and noise artifacts that appear on Eve’s character model. According to them, the same noise artifacts are also visible during gameplay.

Another Twitter/X user reported an issue from before the recent patch, where the game has little blurry dots present on-screen that appear like permanent rain drops. According to them, this is the case both with film grain enabled and disabled.

Besides adding the unwanted effect of blurring visuals in both Graphics mode and Balanced mode, the new Stellar Blade update brings two new outfits for Eve, a hair slot to the menu so players can change their hairstyle at any time, a toggle ON/OFF for the “skip” UI during cutscenes, improved jump direction when swinging on the rope, the option to hold the button during the end credits to speed up scrolling, retention of costumes previously selected for Boss challenges, and various bug fixes.

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