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See the Two New Costumes Added in the Latest Stellar Blade Update

Shift Up has released a new update for Stellar Blade today that patches the game to version 1.004. Among the changes is the addition of new costumes.

The two costumes appear to be unlocked depending on whether you have played the newly added Boss Challenge mode or not. They can be seen below, courtesy of Reddit.

Another one of the changes is related to how haricuts were used in the game. The haircut option has been moved to the equipment menu now making it easier to change it.

One of these costumes is not exactly new but rather a different shade of color to the existing costume. The developers did stress that they would be adding new costumes for free in post-launch updates, and they are continuing to deliver on their promise so far.

The game did get some controversy when it was discovery that one of the costumes available in the game was censored with a day-one update, but these costumes were then retroactively added to the game with a post-launch update.

Shift Up has also announced its plans to bring a photo mode to the game, but this patch doesn’t appear to add any new features. It is mostly related to small bug fixes and the addition of costumes.

The game is also in discussion to bring it to PC, but nothing official has been announced so far. The developers also discussed working on a sequel, but since the game has just come out, a potential sequel is still far away. In the meanwhile, perhaps an expansion can be made if there is enough interest.

Stellar Blade is out now exclusively for the PS5. It was developed by Shift Up and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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