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Stellar Blade Update 1.004 Slash Drops Today

The latest update for Stellar Blade, Version 1.004, has been released by the developer Shift Up. This update requires a substantial download of 2 GB. However, specific details about the changes or new features included in this update have not been provided by the developers. Despite the absence of official patch notes, the developers have indicated their ongoing commitment to updating the game with new content, such as additional costumes for Eve.

Some of the confirmed changes include the addition of new costumes and the movement of the haircuts option directly to the equipment menu.

Update: Here are the full patch notes.

  • Two new outfits have been added.
  • Added a hair slot to the menu so you can change your hairstyle at any time ‼️
  • You can toggle ON/OFF the “skip” UI for cutscenes.
  • Improved jump direction when swinging on the rope.
  • Holding the button during the end credits will speed up scrolling.
  • Boss challenges will now keep the costume you changed.
  • Various other bug fixes.

While we await the detailed patch notes for Stellar Blade update 1.004, it is worth revisiting the significant changes introduced in the previous major update, Version 1.003, which included a new gameplay mode.

Patch Notes for Stellar Blade Version 1.003

New Features:

  • Boss Challenge Mode: This mode allows players to replay against defeated bosses in multiple settings.
    • Unlockable Costume: By defeating all bosses in the new Boss Challenge mode, players can unlock the “Neurolink Suit.”
    • Additional Outfits: Two new outfits from the “Kunoichi” series can be obtained at Adam’s safehouse.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Bug Fixes: Addressed issues such as unplayable sections, events not triggering, and trophies not being awarded.
  • Auto-Lock-On Option: Added an auto-lock-on option when exiting ranged mode.
  • HUD Enhancements: Added an option to always show the compass in the HUD.
  • Puzzle Adjustments: Slightly increased the time limit for puzzles.
  • General Improvements: Various improvements were made to the controls, balance, and other aspects of the game.

Stellar Blade, developed by Shift Up, is an action-packed role-playing game set in a futuristic world. The game follows the journey of Eve, the protagonist, as she navigates through a visually stunning environment, engages in combat with a variety of enemies, and uncovers the mysteries of her world.

Stellar Blade was released exclusively for the PS5. There are discussions around a potential PC version but nothing official has been confirmed for it.

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