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Stellar Blade PC Version & Sequel Are Being Considered As Sales Exceed Expectations

Shift Up’s PS5 action adventure game, Stellar Blade, may receive a PC port as well as a sequel, as the game’s sales have exceeded expectations.

In its latest financial report, Shift Up has revealed that it is considering the development of a PC port of and a sequel to the PlayStation 5 exclusive, Stellar Blade. The report also mentions that the game’s sales are exceeding expectations, and are expected to see a steady increase over the coming period.

Stellar blade pc

Furthermore, Shift Up shared that it is working on a sci-fi action role-playing game tentatively called Project Witches. It is based on a brand new IP, and the company aims to expand its availability to gaming audiences via a multiplatform release. The report mentions that Shift Up has “very high” expectations from the title.

While the development team has only mentioned that it is considering a PC version of Stellar Blade thus far, it is a likely outcome, as the company is aiming to expand its audience and maximize its revenue via a multiplatform launch for its next game. Certain timed exclusivity conditions between Shift Up and Sony Interactive Entertainment may have prevented Stellar Blade from being available outside of the PS5 at launch. However, given that first party PlayStation exclusives are also finding their way on PC, it’s a no-brainer that Stellar Blade will too. It’s only a matter of time at this point.

Stellar Blade had a successful release, though it was without some controversies. Soon after launch, it was reported that Stellar Blade players had found a workaround that allowed them to use uncensored versions of protagonist Eve’s Holiday bunny suit. Those who have access to a retail copy of Stellar Blade can see the uncensored version of the costume by running version 1.0 of the game off the disc without any updates installed. Meanwhile, director Kim Hyung-tae remains firm that updated version of the outfit is the one the development team had intended for players to see.

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