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Epic Games Store June 8 Mystery Game Is Payday 2

Epic Games Store is offering a mystery game from its vault every week and the next round has been revealed through a set of clues shared by them.

Since the start of the Mega Sale at Epic Games Store, they have been offering free games every week. It began with Death Stranding as one of the free games which ended up being a repeat from them. They followed it up with Fallout New Vegas and Midnight Ghost Hunt. The latest game is also confirmed now thanks to a set of clues that they shared.

Epic Games has shared a set of clues on their official Twitter account in a video format. Based on these clues, it is quite clear that the next mystery game is Payday 2 on the Epic Games Store. It might be some special or just the regular edition of the game.

PAYDAY 2 plunges players into the heart of an adrenaline-fueled, cooperative four-player shooter experience, where they once again assume the roles of the original PAYDAY crew – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains. Their mission: to engage in a thrilling spree of criminal activity across Washington DC.

The game offers an extensive selection of dynamic contracts through the CRIMENET network. Players can pick and choose their illicit activities, whether it’s minor heists like raiding local convenience stores or kidnapping, or major operations like high-stakes cybercrime or cracking open substantial bank vaults for a monumental payday. While in the capital, players are also encouraged to get involved in some political tasks.

As a team of up to four players, you’ll work together to pull off increasingly ambitious jobs. Progress leads to more significant, more rewarding tasks and the chance to earn more money and infamy in the criminal world. Along with your rise in the criminal ranks comes an intricate customization and crafting system, enabling teams to build and tailor their weapons and equipment.

The official confirmation will come within the next 48 hours so there is plenty of time left for fans to be hopeful that Epic has a change of heart and offers a different game.

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