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Facebook and Instagram Are Down Worldwide For The Past Few Hours

Facebook and Instagram are facing multiple issues from the whole website being down for others to various other reports of the service facing an issue. This has led to a global outage for the Facebook company which is rare to see these days.

Facebook users are reporting about the service going down on website DownDetector, which is entirely run by user reports. It tracks almost every service from PlayStation Network, Xbox Live to major social networking websites. According to DownDetector, there has been a surge of reports on Facebook for the past few hours indicating a global outage.

This doesn’t just limit to Facebook but other services that are under them, like Instagram, are also facing issues with reports of the service not working as expected, or not letting users login into their account. The website DownDetector has again shown a surge of users reporting about the service going down for them again indicating it is a worldwide outage and not just restricted to a region.

What exactly is causing this issue remains a mystery for now, but this apparently also happened yesterday with Google’s email client Gmail. We will have to wait and see how long Facebook takes to tackle this problem, but perhaps it is a good thing because people who are addicted to these services can finally spend their time with other things.

Salal Awan

Salal's main hobby is photography but he is also interested in learning the latest about Technology including Smartphones and PC Hardware. He is the co-founder of Twisted Voxel and always on the lookout for the news.

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