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Fatal Frame 5: Maiden of Black Water Release Date, Pre-Order Bonus and Costumes Detailed

Fatal Frame 5, also known as Maiden as Black Water, will be released on all major platforms and PC on October 28, 2021. Here are its bonus features.

Fatal Frame 5: Maiden of Black Water was originally released as a Nintendo Wii U exclusive. It was confirmed that this game will be released as part of the 20th-anniversary celebration. It is launching on almost every platform from PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, to PC and Nintendo Switch.

Koei Tecmo has shared a new trailer for the game revealing some of the pre-order bonuses, costumes, and other features that are a part of this new release.

In the press release, they have mentioned a special digital deluxe edition. This version will come with “a copy of the game, a digital artbook, and six costumes inspired by previous characters in the series.” The costumes included here feature “Mio Amakura and Rei Kurosawa outfits for Yuri, the Mayu Amakura and two Miku Hinasaki outfits for Miu, and the Kei Amakura outfit for Ren.”

Those who pre-order or purchase the game within the first two weeks of its launch will get a special Ryza costume, based on the first Atelier Ryza game. Some of the new cosmetics that are available in the game include “Yuri’s ‘Punk Ensemble’, ‘Cutesy Goth Ensemble (Black)’, ‘Swimsuit (Blue)’, and the ‘Triathlon Suit’ as well as Miu’s ‘Miku Hinasaki Outfit (The Tormented)’, ‘Cutesy Goth Ensemble (White)’, ‘Swimsuit (Yellow)’, and ‘Swimsuit (Pink)’, along with Ren’s ‘Groom’s Outfit’.”

This version will also come with a photo mode. While the game revolves around taking pictures of ghosts to hurt them, this photo mode will act as a way for the players to frame and share their screenshots online.

Fatal Frame 5: Maiden of Black Water will be out on October 28, 2021, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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