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FIFA 22 PS4 vs. PS5 vs. Xbox Series Comparison: Same Experience On All Platforms

FIFA 22 appears to offer a shorter leap in visual than its predecessor. It is the same game no matter which platform you pick it on.

Last year, FIFA 21 offered a much better jump in visuals for the last-generation and current-generation consoles. This is barely noticeable this time around, especially between the Xbox Series and PS5. On the plus side, you get fast loading times and some other minor improvements, but the hair of the player can be seen clipping through in the comparison.

While the difference is negligible between the Xbox Series and PS5 version of FIFA 22, the jump between PS4 Pro and PS5 is also rather insignificant. If you own a PS4 Pro, you will be playing the game at 4K and 60 FPS, the same as the PS5. The difference is in the player models, which have been upgraded on the PS5.

The other difference here is in the load times, which are barely noticeable on the PS5. Again, the load times for a game like FIFA are barely any long so this shouldn’t present much of an issue if at all.

fifa 22 ea play

If you are eager to play the game, there is an early access trial available on the EA Play service. You will be able to experience the game for a short amount of time before FIFA 22 launches on September 26, 2021.

If you own an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you should be able to access the trial as well. EA Play is a part of the Ultimate tier of Xbox Game Pass.

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