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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Secret Medicine Items Location and Reward

One of the side quests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake will send you on a journey to get items for a secret medicine. Here’s a guide to finding all of them.

This sidequest is given by a doctor in Chapter 14. He can be found in Sector 5 near the bar that has a music sign. This sidequest is called “Secret Medicine” and deals with you finding some items for the doctor.

How To Find Secret Medicine In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

You will need to find three items for the secret medicine in this quest. They are Moogle’s Mortar, Medicinal Flowers, and Behemoth Horn.

  • You have to find and talk to a “Moogle” in the kid’s hideout located in sector 5. This is not a real Moogle but a child that has been dressed as one. You will have to give him a Moogle Medal in exchange for the Moogle Mortar. If you don’t have one, try to play the Whack-a-Box minigame to get it.
  • If you remember the church where you first meet Aerith in sector 5, you will be able to go there to find the medicinal flowers. You can also try to complete “Corneo’s Secret Stash” and “Chocobo Search”  quests when heading back there. The flower is located in the center of the church.
  • Behemoth horn can be found by heading to Evergreen Park. Look for an NPC named Wymer here who can be located with a vest and newsboy hat. This will start a quest “Subterranean Menace” which leads you to fight a Type-O behemoth. Defeat it to get the horn.

If you need some tips to defeat Behemoth, try to focus on offensive skills. Since this boss has no elemental weakness, you need to be fast and agile as you dodge its attacks. Target its body first and then once it collapses, you can target its head. Keep repeating this strategy until you kill Behemoth and the reward will be a Behemoth horn. By doing this all, you will complete the Subterranean Menace and Secret Medicine quest.

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