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Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Will Reveal Number of Parts In Next Update

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be divided into multiple parts with the exact number of sequels not known yet, but this is going to change soon.

In a new interview that was published on Famitsu, the game director of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tetsuya Nomura, talked about his plans for the sequel.

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We learn that the development of the game is going smoothly. Nomura says that he is aware of the fact that they need to get the sequel out quickly. He also wants to deliver a sequel that has better quality than the first game. He asks the fans to have some patience as they strive to deliver another quality sequel out as soon as possible.

final fantasy vii remake sequels

As for the number of sequels that will be developed for the Remake, Nomura has clarified that they are hoping to show their future policy in the next update. This could lead to Square Enix finally revealing how many sequels they are planning to develop in order to complete the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

When the game was revealed again back at E3 2019, it was confirmed that it will be a multi-part Remake. The number of parts hasn’t been confirmed yet but Square Enix plans to have each part offer as much gameplay as a full-fledged mainline game.

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The first game in the Remake project was set entirely in Midgard and the ending of the game also took some creative liberty which makes this project more of a reimagining than a proper Remake. It will be interesting to see which direction Square Enix decides to pursue when it comes to the Remake. It has been a critical and commercial success so far and the game remains a one year timed exclusive for the PS4.

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