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Final Fantasy VII Remake PC Version Possibly Teased In New Video

Final Fantasy VII Remake is rumored to get a PC version later this year and it could have been teased in a new video message featuring the game’s producer.

Square Enix is holding a concert for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. It was originally supposed to happen in person in Tokyo but due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic in Japan, it was canceled. There is still a live concert planned for February 13.

Square Enix has started to tease this live concert and they recently shared a message by the game producer Yoshinori Kitase. While the message itself is related to the concert, there is something else included in it that suggests that this could be a tease for a PC port.

If you take a look at the background of this video, you will notice a PC that appears to be running, and the second screen that is visible shows the intro from the Final Fantasy VII Remake, except there is a slight difference. This intro can be seen running at a higher frame rate, possibly 60 FPS, while the original game is limited to 30 FPS.

This could be a bit far-fetched but the timing of this tease also coincides with the end of the timed exclusivity period for the FFVII Remake. It is supposed to be a one year timed exclusive for PS4. This means that after the exclusivity ends, there is a good chance that the game might come to PC or possibly other platforms including the Xbox Series.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is also rumored to get a PS5 upgrade patch. This is supposedly an improved version of the game that could add new content and it was hinted to get an announcement in February. Since the concert is being hyped on the official social media accounts of Square Enix and we know that the game producer Yoshinori Kitase has a special video message planned for the concert, it is leading to the speculation that this could be related to the PS5 upgrade and PC version.

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