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Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5 Has Instant Load Times, Runs at 1620p In 60 FPS Mode

final fantasy vii remake intergrade ps5

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 version is available to play now as part of a free upgrade to existing owners. It features many improvements over the original release.

The game comes with two different performance modes on the PS5. One is the frame rate mode that runs at 60 FPS but drops the resolution from native 4K to 1620p. For what it is worth, this drop in resolution leads to a solid 60 FPS experience for the majority of the game while the visual improvements and texture quality is retained in this mode.

final fantasy vii remake intergrade ps5

The second is the resolution mode that runs at 30 FPS but locks to a native 4K resolution. This mode is similar to the PS4 Pro version which was rendered at a checkerboard 4K resolution and was locked to 30 FPS. The difference here is obviously in the new visual improvements and especially the quality of the inconsistent textures that were discovered throughout the game. Check out the technical analysis by ElAnalistaDeBits below.

Load times are now instant. If they were taking 1 minute to load on the PS4 then they take just under 3 seconds on the PS5. The other improvement is found in the pop-in which has been reduced significantly on the PS5. Textures like the door and the ground are massively improved. It is like a night and day difference between the two versions in terms of the texture quality.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be out on June 10. The game is available to play on the PS5 where it is confirmed to be six months timed exclusive. In addition to the visual improvements, the game also comes with a new story expansion called Intermission which will star Yuffie and feature new boss fights. You can check out its complete trophy list if you are looking to platinum it.

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