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Final Fantasy X-3 Story Already Has a Rough Draft, Could Be Developed After FFVII Remake

Final Fantasy X story writer Nojima already has a rough draft for Final Fantasy X-3 even if the main games have finished the saga of Yuna and Tidus.

In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, there is a new interview with the development team of Final Fantasy VII Remake. In this interview, they talk about the possibility of Final Fantasy X-3.

Nomura talks about Kazushige Nojima having written a rough draft for the story. “If there is an X-3, Nojima-san has written a rough outline of what it will be like.”

Motomu Toriyama, who was the main director behind Final Fantasy XIII and also worked on FFVII Remake said that they have to finish working on their current project before they can think of the next one. “The possibility is not zero. First of all, we have to finish the remake of 7 before we can talk about it.”

final fantasy x-3

Nojima remarks how the developers that they are hiring now are joining the industry after playing FFX, while this used to be FFVII before. “At one time I had the opportunity to work with people who said they entered the game industry after playing 7, but now that phase has shifted and I’m working with people who said they entered the industry after playing X.”

Clearly, there is demand for Final Fantasy X’s story to continue but as it stands, the developers are busy wrapping up FFVII Remake to focus on a new project.

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