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Xbox Live Logo Replaced With a New One On Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store has updated to remove the Xbox Live logo with a new branding that matches the current Xbox Series X/S Optimized logo.

XBLive had a different branding to the Xbox Series X/S Optimized logo on the Microsoft Store. The different color schemes didn’t mesh well with each other. The new logo that appears in place for Xbox Live has taken care of this, however, it doesn’t mention Live at all but simply says Xbox.

We can see this new branding on the Microsoft Store. It shows up next to the Optimized for Xbox Series X/S logo.

xbox live logo

There are rumors about XBLive being phased out in favor of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate according to Jeff Grubb. These haven’t exactly turned out to be the case for now but apparently, they are all plans for Microsoft in case the Xbox Game Pass subscribers reach a certain threshold.

The new Xbox branding on the store that doesn’t appear to mention Live at all could be a step in this direction. If we hover over the new icon for the Xbox brand, it shows the text citing it as Xbox Live. This is the only indication that the logo remains on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft was the first company that charged for online multiplayer with XBLive Gold during the Xbox 360 generation. They continued these tactics that were soon adopted by PlayStation and Nintendo with their respective platforms.

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