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Final Fantasy XVI Will Feature Online Leader Board For Players To Compete

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI will feature an online leader board for players across the globe to compete against each other.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine (via) features some new information regarding the upcoming action role-playing game. Based on the details shared, Final Fantasy XVI will include an online leader board that will allow players from across the world to compete against each other, paving the way for “endless gameplay”.

Final fantasy xvi online leader board

Producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned that Final Fantasy XVI will feature a challenging New Game Plus mode that will allow players to carry over their stats from their prior playthrough. The mode is called the “Final Fantasy Mode.”, and, compared to the first playthrough, it will likely take more hours to complete. Director Hiroshi Takai added that a lead board will be available to players in their second playthrough, and it will feature a score board that will reward players with “attack” points based on how well they perform in battle. According to him, this will give players endless hours of gameplay, as they’ll be able to engage in skill-based competition with other players based on their accumulated “attack” points.

Yoshida also mentioned that Final Fantasy XVI is packed with both story and battles. Provided players don’t skip any cutscene, the game will take around 35 hours to finish. He also mentioned that there are about 11 hours of cutscenes in the main story, suggesting that the gameplay length is somewhere close to 24 hours. Of course, should players decide to take on all the side content that the game offers, it will take over 70 hours to complete, as per the producer.

Previously, it was reported that Final Fantasy XVI won’t be arriving on PC after the timed exclusivity period has expired, at least not immediately. Speaking during a presentation held before the start of the Final Fantasy XVI media tour, producer Naoki Yoshida stated that, while it is true that there is a six month exclusivity contract for the game to be released only on PS5, the actual release of a PC version right after that period is a whole different story.

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