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Final Fantasy XVI Update 1.02 Is Out, Here Are The Patch Notes

Square Enix has already released an update 1.02 for Final Fantasy XVI, which judging from its download size, is the day one update for the game.

Earlier, there was a YouTube stream that was aimed at the Japanese launch of Final Fantasy XVI, however, it revealed more details on some of the post-launch plans that the developers had for the game.

According to the development team, they were working on a small patch that would be released on day one and resolve some of the minor issues with the game. As expected, this patch, which is around 300 MB, is out now for Final Fantasy XVI and it carries update 1.02 as its version number.

The download size of the game before the release of this update was roughly 90 GB and it has been bumped up 300 MB after the launch of the update.

Final Fantasy XVI Update 1.02 Patch Notes

  • Fix a control flag issue which can make progress impossible under very specific circumstances.
  • Fix an issue wherein the game could close unexpectedly under very specific circumstances
  • Optimize performance in several places.
  • Fix some minor text errors.

That’s the extent of the fixes that were already announced with the launch of this patch. More fixes might be planned for the game but that will likely be a part of the updates after it launches on June 22.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently a timed PS5 exclusive. It will get a PC port but at a later date and the developers recently commented on the status of the PC port confirming that they want to only release it once they are happy with its quality. Although there is still no official announcement on a potential PC port from Square Enix.

The game is being developed by Creative Business Unit 3 at Square Enix, who are also publishing it.

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