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First Final Fantasy XVI Review Gives It A Near Perfect Score

The first review for Square Enix’s soon to be released action role-playing game, Final Fantasy XVI, has given the game a near perfect score.

Japanese publication Famitsu has published the first review for Square Enix’s soon to be released action role-playing game, Final Fantasy XVI, giving the game a near perfect score.

Final fantasy xvi review perfect score

The popular Japanese magazine’s review process involves 4 critics offering their individual perspective on a game. Their scores are then accumulated in order to get the overall score. The breakdown for Final Fantasy XVI’s scoring is 10/10/9/10, resulting in a total of 39/40. This is one point higher than Final Fantasy XV, which was given a 38/40 overall score by the publication.

Key points from the review include praise for the game’s story with gut wrenching developments, depth to mastering combos and abilities, exhilarating battles, and a strong depiction of dealing with both positive and negative human emotions. Additionally, it is stated that the transition to action RPG is less of a change and more of an evolution. The review mentions that it is still very much a Final Fantasy game.

The review embargo for Final Fantasy XVI is expected to be lifted today on June 21, 2023, at 10 AM Eastern Time, as per Open Critic.

Previously, people with early access to copies of Final Fantasy XVI as well as those who have played the recently released demo had reported that the game tends to overheat their PS5 console during certain boss fights.

Twitter user TheSphereHunter stated that she has been playing a certain PS5 game that hasn’t yet been released, where a boss fight made her console overheat to the point where it just turned off completely at the end of the fight. Meanwhile, some members of gaming enthusiast forum, Reset Era, have also been having overheating issues with the game’s recently released playable demo on PS5.

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