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Forspoken Shines In New Gameplay Trailer, Reveals New Cast of Characters

Forspoken was shown during the PlayStation Showcase. The game is confirmed to launch on PS5 and PC and it is a timed console exclusive.

Forspoken is basically a game based around the concept of an Isekai. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is referred to a person who transports to a foreign world and has to help save it or survive in it.

Forspoken has a lot of big stars attached to the project from the main cast to its team of writers. Amy Hennig, who has worked on the Uncharted series is confirmed to be one of the writers along with Gary Whitta, who worked on films like The Book of Eli and After Earth.

The official PlayStation blog post has revealed a new cast of characters, some of which were also seen in the gameplay trailer.

  • Jonathan Cake plays Frey’s companion “Cuff.” Cuff is a magical, sentient bracelet of uncertain origin who helps Frey navigate through the sprawling landscapes of Athia.
  • Janina Gavankar plays Tanta Sila, the strongest and most formidable Tanta in Athia. While she once protected Athia with her unparalleled prowess in battle, Tanta Sila is now a dictatorial despot who is mad with power.
  • Keala Settle plays Johedy, the hard-nosed archivist who provides Frey with guidance during her journey in Athia.
  • Monica Barbaro plays Auden, a kind and open-minded young woman who prioritizes the needs of others before her own. She is quick to accept Frey in Athia and sees more in her than Frey does in herself.

Ella Balinksa will play the lead character of Forspoken. The game is due out in Spring 2022 for the PS5 and PC. It is being developed by Luminous Productions who previously worked on Final Fantasy XV.

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