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Baldo The Guardian Owls Update 1.05 Brings a Second Hotfix

Baldo The Guardian Owls was plagued with plenty of issues including bugs that could lead to loss of progress. It is continuing to get new updates.

Naps Team has updated Baldo The Guardian Owls on PC and PS4. This is the second hotfix from Naps Team. While they don’t mention a fix for the major bug that could lead to the loss of progress, they do clarify that several issues have been resolved with this patch. It is not out yet on all platforms.

The developers shared the patch notes for Hotfix 2 on the Steam forums. They had last updated that they will continue to work on fixing some of the series issues with the game.

Baldo The Guardian Owls Update 1.05 Patch Notes

*Hot Fix 2*

  • Missing Tentacles inside the Galleon
  • Missing Pot inside underground of Rodia
  • Moving Block inside Savoca Prison
  • Missing Luna to enter inside the Secret Library inside the Castle
  • Falling Block stucked in the Castle
  • 3° ghost that sometime moves too far inside the Castle
  • Stucked crate inside Bakery
  • Rat boss not respawing
  • Missing Key inside Bobo Pit
  • Ice house
  • Cat Pendant
  • Owl tower (Leone Highs)
  • Swapped Maps from Minisio
  • Map of Muccia Forest
  • Colored blocks of the Owl Towers
  • krystals from rock demon

Baldo The Guardian Owls is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It is a Studio Ghibli-inspired isometric RPG from a new indie developer, Naps Team.

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