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Forspoken Street Date Broken As Early Copies Leak Out

The street date for Square Enix’s forthcoming action role-playing game, Forspoken, has been broken, and early copies are out in the wild.

A member on gaming enthusiast forum, Reset Era, shared early impressions from their on-going playthrough of the game. They claimed to have obtained their copy of Forspoken on Tuesday, and stated that several stores are breaking street date, with several early copies likely to be out in the wild at this point.

Forspoken street date early copies

The Reset Era member shared their comprehensive thoughts on the game, based on 7 hours of playtime. Thus far, they have beaten the first of the four main bosses. Their main criticism stems from the writing, which is hit or miss according to them, awkward voice acting, and mediocre presentation. They found the combat and parkour mechanics to be enjoyable, however.

According to them, the combat is challenging even on the normal difficulty. Enemies can deal a lot of damage, and the parkour dodge won’t protect protagonist Frey from every incoming attack. Therefore, players will have to pay attention to enemies, and have a good read on their attack patterns.

Based on their impressions, the enemy variety is decent so far: basic mobs of zombies, shield-carrying enemies that you have to get around to deal damage to, flying adversaries, wild corrupted animals, such as deer and lion-like creatures.

In terms of side content, they mentioned that there are optional bosses located in mini dungeons that players can delve into for some extra lore and XP. According to them, aside from a notable exceptions, the side quests have mostly been forgettable thus far.

Regarding the open world, they said that the playable demo available on the PlayStation Store is representative of their experience thus far. There are a lot of checklists and mundane activities, according to them. Only a few activities stood out to them, such as going into magic ponds to unlock new abilities and taking photos.

Previously, it was revealed that Forspoken contains a lot of swear words, as the game is rated Mature 18+ for coarse language and other content.

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